The Relay for Life is a 24 hour walkathon to raise money for cancer treatment, research and services for the American Cancer Society. Groups form teams and the idea is that someone from each team must be walking the track during the 24 hours, symbolizing the life of a cancer survivor not getting a break from cancer. The teams have various fundraisers through the year and the day of the event, with lots of fun activities and information shared throughout the entire 24 hours. This year the Siskiyou County Relay for Life raised $62,000, and incredible feat for our struggling county, and a testament to what a small group of determined and dedicated individuals can do to affect lives in positive ways.

Hear cancer survivor Jenn Frick share her incredible story of strength and hope having personally battled Leukemia several times after losing her son Dillan to cancer. Jenn through it all has always kept a positive attitude, sharing for her cancer has been a “horrible but wonderful experience” and actually expressed gratitude for getting cancer due to all the amazing and wonderful people she has met throughout her life’s battles with cancer. Jenn’s words are a powerful inspiration to anyone fighting or who has touched by cancer in any way.

During the Luminaria ceremony, Jenn’s husband Josh Frick spoke regarding their family’s experience from his perspective as a caregiver, sharing honest emotions including struggling with patience and guilt while dealing with his wife’s illness and with losing Dillan as well, though like Jenn expressing such gratitude for the kindness and support received from the community, friends and family.
Final Results & Awards