SNV 001 – We’re Back

Cliff Munson is the CEO of the Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds and shares quite a lot of interesting information about things that are very unique to the Siskiyou County Fair, including some first and one of a kind programs that he shares in detail on the show.

Barbara Dillman has served SMC as a board member for a number of years and is currently the Secretary/Treasurer. She and her husband Vaune own the Mt. Shasta Brewing Company & Weed Alehouse in Weed.

The first SNV show brought back some individuals who shared time on the air quite a long time ago when their lives were very different. This photo was from the “Get Excited About Education Show” when Barbara was the Siskiyou County Superintendent of School and Cliff was in Scott Valley working with Barbara in organizing after school programs. They both had some very interesting things to share about that time in their lives, and the serendipity that resulted in so many things that happened back then, and now.

…& yes, everyone still does sing Happy Birthday at the end of the show : )

For more information:
Cliff Munson – CEO Siskiyou Golden Fairgrounds