Guess who’s the new Executive Director of SMC, (Siskiyou Media Council) yep it’s me Cindy Summers : )
(seen here with one of my new student volunteers Jenna Gigliotti from Mt. Shasta High School)

The story of me and SMC is one of serendipity, so I hope you’ll watch my first community news show Siskiyou News & Views, with guests Barbara Dillman & Cliff Munson telling all about the Siskiyou County Fair. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, I certainly learned a lot as I always do on my shows and isn’t that what public access is all about.

For those of you unfamiliar with SMC (which appearently is a lot of people right now, but we’re going to change that) SMC manages Siskiyou county’s public access television stations, YCTV4 – Yreka and MCTV15 Mt. Shasta. In the 2 months, we have gathered the support of key partners, relocated to two separate offices into family resources centers in north and south Siskiyou county as the first stages of “The Plan” to bring public access back and use it to support all of our communities. Simply put, public access is designed to provide public access to equipment and resources to share locally produced content on the web and on local cable access channels.

SMC has a new website that we’re adding updates and shows to regularly – . We have a busy few weeks ahead and want everyone to be able to keep up with the new things happening at SMC, so we setup a new website to keep everyone informed of all the new changes happening as well as finding out who wants to participate and how in this important community resource.

Please sign up for the newsletter or whatever on the Participate/Volunteer page and be sure to like us on Facebook to keep current on everything happening at SMC and keep up with our win-win strategy to share the best of Siskiyou County.
Many crazy, wonderful things have happened and its only been just over a month in this beautiful magical story that all started with me bumping into Barbara Dillman and the McCloud Mushroom Festival and inviting myself to a free beer at the Mt. Shasta Brewery – the rest they say is history, though you can hear some of the details in my first
Siskiyou News & Views show “We’re Back”.

The please check out the Siskiyou News & Views shows for things happening in your community, and there will be lots more new community events and programs as well. The shows are on SMC’s new website, YouTube channel and airing on our affiliate cable channels YCTV4 & MCTV15.

I’m truly pleased and proud to have this opportunity with SMC and look forward to sharing the best of Siskiyou by Siskiyou for Siskiyou.