Siskiyou Media Council is giving you 20 new videos in 20 days on SMC’s YouTube channel counting down to North State Giving Tuesday on November 28th as a sampling of what we do in Siskiyou county. 

SMC shares community news, local events, community forums, local government and more on the web, SMC’s YouTube channel & on local Northland Cable stations MCTV15 Mt. Shasta & YCTV4 Yreka.

We hope that you’ll give us the opportunity to continue this work in local communities by giving to SMC on Giving Tuesday November 28th.

SMC is one of nearly 120 local nonprofits supported by the North State Giving Tuesday campaign, organized by Shasta Regional Community Foundation. The minimum donation is $10 and donors can preschedule donations beginning November 14th. North State Giving Tuesday runs 6am-6pm on November 28th and there are many incentives to support your organization on that national day of giving. The Siskiyou News & Views show on North State Giving Tuesday has lots of information regarding the event and how to participate.

Donors also have the option to transfer stock or IRA rollover distribution for North State Giving Tuesday. This PDF has the basic information and can be used to make this type of donation, though please note the deadline for this type of donation is Tuesday, November 21, 2017.
In-Kind Transfer Instructions.PDF 

Please use this link for your Giving Tuesday donation and thank you in advance for supporting SMC’s commitment to sharing the best of Siskiyou County.  #NorthStateGivingTuesday  #GivingTuesday

#20 Dunsmuir City Council Meeting 11-2-2017

#19 Weed Planning Commission Meeting 10-18-2017

#18 Food for Thought Community Forum hosted by The Ford Family Foundation

#17 Siskiyou County Veterans Day Ceremony 2017 @ Living Memorial Sculpture Gardens

#16 Weed City Council Special Meeting 10-27-2017

#15 Montague Balloon Fair Parade 2017

#14 Siskiyou County Fair 2017 Destruction Derby

#13 Mt. Shasta City Council Meeting 11-13-2017

#12 Weed City Council Meeting 11-9-2017

#11 Great Northern Services Siskiyou Food Advocates Food Summit

#10 Siskiyou News & Views E010 – Mt. Shasta Thanksgiving Community Dinner

# 9 Siskiyou Startup Weekend 2017

# 8 Siskiyou News & Views E011 – Siskiyou CRCs

# 7 Yreka City Council Meeting 11-16-2017

# 6 Dunsmuir City Council Meeting 11-16-2017

# 5 Oktoberfest 2017 – Jefferson Center for the Arts

# 4 Weed Planning Commission Meeting 11-15-2017

# 3 Mt.Shasta Hometown Holiday Light Parade 2017

# 2 McCloud Dog, Pony & Bike Show 2017

# 1 Yreka Downtown Holiday Parade of Lights 2017